Our World

A vintage inspired brand, we are Voodoo Vixen! The journey began in 2016, in the heart of East London and ever since then we continue to remain passionate about producing unique styles from the 40s, 50s and 60s era. We are now exclusively an online store, offering our retro vintage collection worldwide.


Style with Sustainable

Our focus is on creating everlasting retro inspired pieces and provide a wide range of options for our vintage lovers! We are here to make you feel comfortable with expressing your fashion and help you create the complete vintage look that you are after.

Our sustainability strategy focuses on three key areas: ethical trading ,environmental impact and animal welfare.

All clothing is designed in-house and created within our known supply chain, so we can track the channels our clothing goes through, from design to your door.

We have a commitment to never use real leather, fur, feather or buttons made from any part of an animal.

Any faulty items are sold to third parties, fixed or recycled. - We work with suppliers to ensure that offcuts of fabric are repurposed so that nothing is wasted.



Crafted With You In Mind

Our in-house designers have the knowledge and expertise to design vintage inspired styles. They are dedicated and continue to explore all retro eras as well as today’s trends, creating timeless designs, so you can add to your vintage collection every season. They think for you and understand your needs. So whether you are looking for daily, formal or occasional wear such as for weddings and parties, we have you covered! Making sure that our customers feel-good is key to us.

Therefore, a new collection is introduced every season, which include exclusive pieces that can be worn for years to come as they will always be a trend. All collections are inspired by vintage fashion and you will be sure to find something for weekend plans or if you have to attend the office.




Happy Together

We would love to share iconic fashion moments with all our vintage fans and always look forward to seeing how you style our collection, so please connect with us through our social media today!