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Why Overalls are your new favourite outfit over all…..

Entering the new Voodoo Vixen collection this year is an updated colour-way on the ever-popular “Connie” overalls! If you are looking for one of those outfits that you can wear from the day to the night and still be comfortable, you need a pair of overalls. Made from a comfy stretchy fit, they are perfect for curves. The adjustable straps at the back can be worn crossed over or not, depending on personal preference. For reference, I am wearing a 10 but I am only 5.3 in height, I wear them the straps crossed at the back and they fit fine. Of course, what do you need in a great “over all” outfit? Pockets. The pockets are quite deep which have been known to occasionally house some random toy object that my daughter has secretly snuck in. The neckline is a sweetheart and I have seen this worn on larger and smaller busts, both suitably flattering.


Being a busy mum always on the go, my all time favourite feature is that they wash great and require minimal ironing. I can wear them all day and not worry about pulling them up or down. IF we end up getting a fabulous summer in England this year, you can wear them without a top underneath and keep cool. But if we have to cover up, then I really like wearing shirts underneath or cardigans over top. I have so far worn these at the weekend for family days out, as well as from the office to the cocktail bar with a quick change of shoes. I love wearing them with a blazer and heels to smarten them up and then my denim cropped jacket and Jelly shoes for chilling. There are just so many ways to wear.


The existing denim colour way of Connie is just as delightful. But sometimes you just want a good alternative from the denim. This green colour way works just as well – and bonus – when it comes to Christmas time, guaranteed you will be fabulously FESTIVE with a splash of red underneath. One feature I particularly rave about is that although they are Capri length, the material stretches enough to be able to roll up if I want to go wading in the sea. With other overalls, the material tends to be a bit tough or fall down but not our Connie.


Over all (too many puns?) I would give these overalls a 10/10. I just wish they came in mini me size so that my little girl and I could twin. Heading to a vintage festival? Overalls. Dancing the night away after working all day? Overalls. Wanting to up your glam game for the weekly shop? Overalls. Spending a day in the garden pulling weeds? Overalls. Off out exploring the city or on an countryside adventure? Overalls. If you cannot already tell, they are getting lots of love from me this summer. We all need that one piece in your wardrobe that you can quite literally throw on in a hurry and WERK all day / night.

Go grab yourself a pair of overalls girl before they are gone here!

Written by Georgia Harrup

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