Glamour stated earlier in the year that ‘For Millennials, Eloping is the New Lavish Wedding’ and they are not the only publication to note the trend of smaller weddings. Refinery 29 also carried out a little investigation too; they found that the average UK wedding costs £27,000 – is that reason enough to downsize your guest list? Or are there other motives entirely?

As smaller weddings increase in popularity, the term elopement no longer only refers to a couple ‘running away’ in secret to wed. To elope can also refer to having an intimate wedding with just your closest friends and family. So why are smaller weddings appealing to the younger generation? We’re certainly not becoming less materialistic! Perhaps you could argue that because the number of people choosing to get married is declining, the importance of the ceremony has also become less significant? Or perhaps the value of the location has outweighed the amount of guests at a wedding? After all, eloping as a couple or having a small, intimate wedding ceremony give couples the chance to travel without imposing the financial burden of flight and accommodation of their guests.

IOL recently reported that, “Millennials, also commonly known as Generation Y, are said to travel more than any other generation. Travelling is viewed as a necessity and a crucial part of life rather than an added luxury.” Past generations were told that buying a house and starting a family was the most important thing but younger generations have different priorities. Since travel is such an important experience of life, why not travel somewhere that you love with the person you love on such an important day?


We recently received some fantastic photos of a happy customer, Nohemy (above), who chose to wear our Dorothy Bridal Flared Dress on her special day. She married in Vegas and the ceremony was officiated by the photographer. They wed in Vegas’ most famous chapel – The Little White Chapel – where the likes of Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland tied the knot (not to each other!).

Nohemy looked absolutely radiant in her wedding photos, and the smiles from the lovely couple show that eloping was the best option for them. When we asked Nohemy why she chose to elope instead of having a big wedding, she told us, “You know, marriage is between two; just two. You can spend a lot of money on a big party and only end up stressed…we didn’t want that. Vegas is the sin city, it is believe me! We were gambling, drinking…you get to spend your money only on you and your partner!”

Nohemy is not only the most fun bride ever, but she also raises a valid point; big weddings can often cause a lot of stress, I’m sure we have all met a ‘bridezilla’ or two in our time! When a couple elopes, there is definitely less chance of stress because your only concern is each other. With house prices soaring and everyday pressures mounting there are enough stresses in life – planning the happiest day of your life should not be an unpleasant experience.

Speaking of experiences, we have of course become a generation who love to experience ‘the now’. Airb’n’bDeliveroo and Uber are all examples of how we have learnt to love the art of surprise and have access to so much in the touch of a button. We are now able to share with the world every detail of our lives, so do you need Great Aunt June and Stephanie from the office (who you secretly hate) at your ceremony, when you can easily share your images with them in an instant?


Just because you’re having a small wedding doesn’t mean you have to fly abroad either. British couple Chris, fashion entrepreneur, and Carly, make-up artist, (above) said ‘I do’ in London with 28 people present; a fraction of the 2016 UK average of 75 ceremony guests and 101 reception guests, but still enough to ensure all the people you both truly love can attend. We were intrigued as to why this fashion-conscious couple didn’t not want a lavish extravaganza for their big day, so we asked Chris for the full story.

“We have both enjoyed being guests at larger weddings but instinctively knew that it was not what we wanted. Our venue, The Goring, a small family-owned hotel in central London had the perfect sized function room for us. We were also able to do a lot of things ourselves…Carly made our cake and our family did the flowers. We managed to arrange our day with the minimum of fuss over two or three days between the two of us…although how anyone organised a wedding before Google still amazes me! This would have been a larger responsibility at a bigger wedding. We were able to socialise with all our guests and still find time to be with each other on the happiest day of our lives.”

Once you get past the shock of Chris and Carly managing to plan their wedding in just a couple of days (very impressive!), you can really appreciate how less people means more time for those who really matter. Looking at the smiles on their faces and Chris’ kind words, it is clear they wouldn’t of changed a thing about their day.

A smaller wedding day seems to be the perfect option for couples that want their day to be personalised to them and what they like instead of what is expected. Brides often feel obliged to have the traditional, long white dress but with a smaller event your dress can reflect your own style and if you’re a true Vixen then we know you will love our bridal collection (below) which is full of tea-length dresses, most of which are white but we also have options for brides who love pink and florals! Best of all, most of our bridal range is available in plus size!


Soon we can hope to eradicate the expectation of what a wedding should be and instead embrace what you want it to be. Whether you want one hundred guests or zero guests, a pink dress or a traditional white dress; friends and family should welcome you decision.

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that the only people who genuinely matter are the couple getting hitched and that a perfect day is up to interpretation. Next you hear of a couple doing something a little different for their big day make sure you are nothing but supportive!