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Amy Bliss was one of our Vixen reps at LondonEdge

‘London Edge: A Voodoo Vixen Preview’ by BlaireAmy


Vixens Blaire, Sarah, Sarah and Jodie!

Vixens Blaire, Sarah, Sarah and Jodie!

I was lucky enough to attend London Edge as one of the ‘Vixens,’ aka a rep for the amazing Voodoo Vixen brand. They kindly asked if I would write them a guest post to account for my time at London Edge and since I had such a great day it was a pleasure to create!

With a busy stand it was really exciting to be able to celebrate Voodoo Vixen and get involved in promoting them. Every member of the team was absolutely lovely and I relished the chance to meet other vintage lovers. I was also thrilled that there were lots of bloggers and models in amongst all the brands to chat to throughout the day.

Most importantly though I got a sneak peak of what Voodoo Vixen and other pinup and alternative brands have on offer for the upcoming season and wow are we in for a treat! I can confirm that yes, Voodoo Vixen’s latest season lives up to its great mix of pinup inspired designs and fun patterns that it has become so easily recognised for. One particular highlight from the new season for me was the Chinese styled silk wrap dress, which I can’t wait to get my hands on!

The Voodoo Vixen Stand

The Voodoo Vixen Stand

Viewing the designs off the rails and on the catwalk was great, although the models had to walk up and down stairs for this, a potentially dangerous combination, but a challenge each model successfully met without falling over! There were several opportunities to watch each of the catwalk shows on the day I visited and I managed to view both, which was great.

I visited on the Sunday, so I had the chance to attend ReeRee Rockette’s blogger chat. I loved her ‘win, win, win’ approach to blogging, which basically meant that collaborations should benefit the blogger, company and the reader – something that I think can get overlooked at times! It was amazing to be able to get blogger tips from someone who’s blog I follow and who’s style I admire (despite having spent the past few days at a festival her hair still looked as awesome as ever).

To conclude the event was the much anticipated after party held at The Islington Metal Works which, if you are unfamiliar with, features an old tube carriage that has been turned into a bar. With Pimms on arrival things were off to a good start, but the addition of the fire-breathing and aerial troupe Steelcat, the night truly lived up to its hype.

Thanks for having me Voodoo Vixen, I look forward with great anticipation to the new season launch.

Words by BlaireAmy

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