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Be A Goddess rocking the Voodoo Vixen

‘Arlene’ dress!

 Curvy Convention With Voodoo Vixen by Be-A-Goddess

With plus size shopping being so focused in the media lately (with ‘Plus Size Wars’ on C4 and the #WeAreThey hashtag) finding a brand with a supportive ethos is a big deal. When I was a teenager and in my early 20s plus size was taboo- it was ok if I wanted a kaftan or a smock or if I wanted to dress in black (which I did) but it wasn’t really me. Rockabilly and Pin Up is more my thing.

Junebugs & Georgia Peaches 5


Pin Up and Rockabilly have always been inclusive. I’ve never know a time when I felt “to fat to fit in” or too different, or looked at a fellow Pin Up and thought “she’s too short/ thin/ tall”. The reason I love the Pin Up community so much is that it’s all inclusive and it’s the style everyone looks good in. My favourite inspiration being Amanda and Katie, Amy, Betty and Lixxie.

Miss Amy May rocking it in our 'Joanna' Dress <3  Read more at:


Voodoo Vixen are a brand I love- not just because of the awesome pints turning me into a crazy cat lady (KittyAlley Cat and Katnis to name a few) but because they have a really inclusive pear shaped cut.  Pin Up is traditionally quite hourglass, but nationally women are more pear shaped- with a smaller bust to waist difference and bigger hips- and as such traditional cuts no longer match women’s shapes of today. This attitude results in Voodoo Vixen more suited to more women-and why I love them so much! They are a brand working towards including as many people as possible- with their sizes from XS to 4XL and really support their Plus Size range (including it in Debenhams before their straight sizes!) taking on board feedback from Plus Size buyers.

All in all I am very happy to share that they have asked me to join them at the Curvy Convention! If you’re attending please stop by and chat about the brand and (although they won’t be selling on the day) come stroke all the amazing prints and say hello to me! If you want to buy tickets then please follow the link:

Jodie x