Quick hairstyles were always a must for me, even before I had my two little ones. I used to work in the heart of the city of Melbourne, and an hour long commute to work and early starts meant I needed super fast hairstyles that I could fall back on. I’ve had a few requests recently on how to do long, retro hair, quick hairstyles and how to get ready quickly with kids, so I thought I would combine all three requests and give you a few easy updos.

There are a lot of gorgeous pinup models and hairstylists that have handy hair tutorials on Instagram and youtube. Sometimes though, I have found that they tend to be professionals, which means that their perfectly coifed hairstyles look so easy to achieve when we watch them to it, but are much harder for a novice to complete on their own. I am in no way a professional, as you can tell, but I do know how to create easy and pretty looks without too much effort! Hopefully these styles will be easier to achieve for beginners. So here are my top three go to updos:

Updo 1 – Rolled Chingon Bun

Step 1 – Start by teasing the front sections of your hair. This will give it some volume and help it easily stay in place

Chingon 1
Step 2 – Take the front two sections of your hair and roll them back until you get nearly to the base of your neck, pinning as you go.

Chingon 2

Chingon 3

Step 3 – Put hair in low ponytail, then make a small hole in your hair, just above the hair elastic, and flip your ponytail through. This is called a topsy-tail, inside out ponytail, or flip-through ponytail. If you’ve been around long enough to have lived through the 90’s, you will recognise this one. The reason we do one of these is that for the next step, you want your hair to be facing firmly downwords to help shape the chingon bun.

Chingon 4

Step 4 – Tease your hair from the base of your ponytail, downwards. The more you tease, the bigger your bun will be and the easier it will stay in place. Chingon 5

Step 5 – Smooth the bottomside of your hair, then lift it up and roll downwards until you hair is a big roll at the base of the ponytail. Hold the roll with one hand and pin it in place with the other. I usually use 4 pins in the middle of the roll to get it to stay. Then, gently splay the end of the roll out and pin it to your head with another few pins. We do this so that you don’t just end up with a big roll in the back of your head that you can see through!

Chingon 6

Chingon 7


Chingon 8


Updo 2 – Retro Ponytail 

I like to do this with second or third day hair, when I still have some curl going on but it looks a little flat when worn down. This is my go to hairstyle that I wear at least once a week lately. I wash my hair every 3 days, so generally I do my hair down on day’s one and 2, and most often up in this hairstyle on day 3

Step 1 – Start by sectioning off about an inch of hair from the front. Set aside to use for the front roll later.

Ponytail 1

Step 2 – Smooth the rest of your hair into a high ponytail. Go as high or as low as you like. Use hairspray to smooth any flyaways. 

Ponytail 2

Step 3 – Tease the front section of your hair, smooth the top, and then roll into place. This does take practice, but rolls are the most commonly used hair trick in retro world, and they are easy to achieve once you’ve done them a few times.

Ponytail 3

Step 4 – Tease your ponytail from the base to the bottom, then smooth the top and re-curl any sections that have fallen too flat.

Ponytail 4


I like to add ribbons to my ponytails in winter and flowers in summer. It’s a very versatile look.

Ponytail 5

 Updo 3 – High Bun

I have worn this hairstyle in every office I have worked in since I started dressing retro. Everyone from fellow female colleagues to the contractors at the new homes sales office I work in have commented on how time-consuming it must be and how skillful I am with hair. Ha! It takes all of 5 minutes to do, and after the first or second try it’s easy. I remember reading about a similar hairstyle in a magazine as a pre-teen, where the hair was put in a ponytail and then twisted and rolled up in several sections. I tried the style one day but decided to combine and smooth everything into a giant bun and, voila, this style was born. I know everyone knows how to do a bun, but this is the easiest way I have found to get a big, sleek bun with minimal effort.

Step 1 – Either start out with the retro ponytail style above, or do a plain ponytail at whatever height you desire.

Bun 1

Step 2 – Divide your hair into 3-4 sections, depending on hair thickness, and roll each section outward and down. Secure with pins as you go. It normally takes 2-3 pins per section.

Bun 2

Step 3 – When all the sections are rolled, you should have what looks like a near perfect circle. Just gently tug at each section to bring them closer and connect them to each other so that the bun is complete.

Bun 3


Bun 4

Many of Voodoo Vixen’s styles can be dressed up or down (like the gorgeous Rosie Dress I am wearing in styles 2 and 3!), and these hairstyles should provide you with the versatility to do it quickly!

I’ll be posting more quick hairstyle tutorials on my blog soon, so be sure to keep an eye out. In the mean time, check out Voodoo Vixen’s latest AW collection here!

xo Miss Betty Doll