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Voodoo Vixen New Years Wishes: New Year, Better Me

Happy New Year Vixens!

Those surreal days following Christmas day are over folks, where food is still being eaten in unacceptable excess and Christmas movies you’ve surely over watched are still being enjoyed back to back, leaving you to use up your saved holiday days laying on the sofa and soaking in what’s left of the festive period. And its 100% acceptable. And then of course New Year’s Eve came and went, leaving in its wake the confused hungover groans of ‘wait, how many tequila shots?’ and the now vague and distant memory of singing Auld Lang Syne with complete strangers that you then felt were basically like family. And among this mass feeling of regret, people everywhere are now redeeming themselves by making that one promise to the social media universe that January 1st relentlessly encourages: New Year, New Me. And more often than not you’ll find this in hastag form, so if you’re not the one typing the hastag, you’re the one reading it. It’s funny the power a hashtag has when you’re still under the safety of your duvet recovering from the night before, because suddenly you’re wondering what your own resolutions are and whether or not you should post an inspirational quote on every media platform you hold.

And we’ve seen this phenomenon occur this year perhaps more than ever, following what we can only conclude to be a tumultuous year of wins and losses. Well we’re here to gently pull that duvet off you, open the curtains and tell you to say ‘no’ to ridiculous resolutions.

Hear us out. Here at Voodoo Vixen HQ, we’re big believers of the ‘you do you, girl’ philosophy. A new year doesn’t have to signify a regeneration of the person you are. That’s just madness. Because rumour has it, you’re already kind of fabulous. Okay, yes I know, being more of a morning person and actually using that gym membership are obviously handy resolutions too. But the way we see it, those are habits that better the ‘you’ that you already are. Stop me if I’m verging on too cheesy but it shouldn’t be about a new you, it should be, New Year, Better Me.

Go ahead, eat more veggies and drink less wine (a ridiculous suggestion but there’s always one. More for us we say). But don’t you tell yourself that that January sale is going to make you feel like a better person, you’ll only set yourself up for disappointment. Buying half price spandex shorts and a salad spinner will not give you new life (except we did buy a spiraliser and its game changing). Just know that you’re as fabulous now as you will be in five spin classes time. Make those small steps, but be okay with leaving things the way you like them. For example, we know for a fact that the following has been embedded into our DNA, and it’ll take more than a countdown to midnight to change:

  • Being late. We’ve tried the old set your clock 10 minutes forward trick and you know what happened? We kept giving ourselves an extra 10 minutes in bed. That’s right, we beat the system.
  • We will forever forget to reply to texts.
  • ‘One more’ will never really mean one more. Unless you mean one more box/bag of *insert name of comfort food here*.
  • Instagram photos are meant to the edited, why else do they have so many filter options? So yes, I’m going to carry on using them ALL.
  • Wine. Particularly drinking wine from mugs. Can you tell we like wine?

So yes, 2016 is officially over, and for many they stayed up just to make sure 2016 truly did end at the stroke of midnight, because as well as welcoming in a new year we were also giddily wishing a good riddance to the turbulent year just gone. For others it was less symbolic: just another celebration to mark a year that treated us well. But whether 2016 was a year of abundant success for you or whether it was the equivalent of that one song you always immediately skip on an otherwise decent album, the arrival of 2017 means its time to do it all over again. So let’s do it one step at a time.

And remember, New Year also means a new season. Get ready for our Spring/Summer line 2017 my loves. It’s a beauty!

We wish you the happiest of new years Vixens. Stay fabulous.

All our love,