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Perfectly Pinned Up’s guide to Picnic Prep!

Brittany Jean of ‘Perfectly Pinned Up’ is back with another wonderful Voodoo Vixen guest blog! This time, the vintage beauty is welcoming in summer with our Jayne Playsuit and some perfectly summery treats. Aprons at the ready? Let’s get our picnic prep on…


Finally. The grey skies of winter have disappeared, and there isn’t a single threat of chilly weather. Finally, it is safe to shed your cocoon of blankets and venture back out of your homes and enjoy the blue sky and sunshine. We should celebrate – outside! What could be more perfect than hosting a 1950’s style picnic for you and your friends?

I did a little research on true 1950’s recipes for picnics and summer gatherings to help you plan a wonderful little picnic. You’ll be as pleased as I was to discover that preparing for a vintage style outdoor meal is a breeze. With this recipe and these tips, your next retro get-together just got easier.


4 cans (6½ oz.) tuna, chunk style

1 cup chopped celery

3 hard-boiled eggs, chopped

½ cup pecans, broken

Mayonnaise to blend

Salt and pepper to taste



Combine ingredients; chill.
When you are ready to pack for your picnic, consider a very vintage way of serving your tuna salad: upside down, in a Dixie cup!


In the bottom of your Dixie cup, place…

1 pitted black olive

1 slice hard-boiled egg white around the olive

Crumbled yolk from the egg slice around the egg white

Then, pack in a couple scoops of your tuna salad.

On top, place a slice of tomato and a lettuce leaf. Just let guests turn their own cup upside down onto their matching Dixie plate. The salad comes out with the lettuce and tomato underneath, and the egg and olive on top.
Yes, it was really that easy to prepare a summer salad favorite! You may consider adding a sweet relish or packing some sweet gherkin pickles. I added some small slices into my Dixie cup and it was de-lish! Pack some pretzel sticks or crisps and some chilled bottles of Coca-Cola to complete your lunch.

But, don’t forget the most important part of your meal … DESSERT!



Serve slices of Angel Food Cake with fresh berries for a heavenly summer treat.

I really enjoyed putting this together for you all, and I hope you enjoyed it, too! One thing I really love about this recipe is how personalized you could truly make it. The recipe could easily be altered to chicken salad instead of tuna. The pecans could be left out for those who do not like them. When you prepare the individual cups, it would be so easy to leave out or add in special ingredients to each person’s tastes. In addition, you could even personalize or decorate each cup in a festive way, depending on the theme of your gathering. Have fun with it, and enjoy your easy, delicious, vintage picnic!


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