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Blogger Spotlight: A Q&A With Finding Femme

Finding Femme in our 'Chelsea' dress

Finding Femme in our ‘Chelsea’ dress

Name: Liana

 Blog: Finding Femme

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What is it about the pin-up look that attracts you? 

The boldness of it. Pin-up is not something that walks meekly into a room, with no one looking at it, and then blends into the beige of the walls and the carpet. Pin-up has something to say, and it says it clearly and with confidence. It also doesn’t compromise because someone looks it up and down and judges it. I love that to wear pin-up, you don’t need to be bold or loud. You don’t need to say anything at all.  Your outfit can do all the talking for you (which is nice if you’re introverted or shy).

Another gorgeous shot from Finding Femme

Another gorgeous shot from Finding Femme

Who are your biggest style icons? 

Françoise Hardy, Helen Mirren, Kate Winslet, Grace Kelly, Clemence Poesy... I say these names, but really my style icon list is quite fluid. Whenever I see other women, be it on screen or on the street, I love to look for things about them I admire. I find that means my style icon list is a rolling list of women that I’d like to high five because I’m learning things about me through them. ‘You! That collar is amazing!’ *high five*, ‘You’re acting in Hamlet was out of this world!’ *high five*, ‘You shut down that sexist comment with wit and dignity!’ *high five*, ‘You’re an astronaut!’ *high five*.

Speaking strictly style, what is your favourite era and why? 

Right now. Any era that can enable me to dress pin-up, wear a corset, roller-skate in short-shorts, boogie in taffeta and shoulder pads or go out in a onesie and no bra, all in the space of a week, is a winner of an era.

What advice would you give someone who is trying to achieve that classic pin-up look?

Know what your style is before you enhance it with pinup. Pin-up has something for every style preference and body shape. Once you know what you’re all about, the pin-up part will come naturally.

Finally, which Voodoo Vixen item are you currently lusting after? 

There are some lavender coloured dresses in the new AW collection that have caught my eye and my heart. I’m trying to be patient, but it’s hard. <3

A huge thank you to Finding Femme for taking part in our Q&A!